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Welcome to Jet Stream VA.  My name is Georgette, but for as long as I can remember  people have called me Jet.  I am a highly skilled independent professional who remotely provides administrative support services to you. 

How can I benefit you?

  • I come with no overhead which makes me extremely cost effective. 
  • I offer efficient, top notch secure services.
  • I have 25+ years of administrative experience in the corporate world.
  • I offer full administrative support for all your business needs. 
  • In a nutshell,  I can make your life less stressful and more successful.  

Virtual Assistants are “forward thinkers” and will be a major component of our future.  Beat the rush and hire your VA today!  Hire Jet Stream VA to stream line all your business needs.

Let’s work together towards success, freedom and flexibility.  




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